The Big Desk


Our Big Desk is the perfect space to work on your next big idea. The expansive work surface allows you to think clearly and create freely, without having to worry about accidentally knocking things off your desk because you don’t have enough space.

Designed and built to last. Built from 1 inch thick, (25mm) sustainably grown Australian Hoop Pine, it will remain rock solid even after you move house a few times.

Clutter free design. Our adjustable accessory holders are the perfect place to hang your headphones, or your laptop bag, keeping things off your desk, and off your floor. The in-built secret shelf at the back allows you to avoid spaghetti-geddon at your feet, and hide away things like power boards, modems and external hard drives.

Good for you, good for the environment. For each Big Desk sold, we plant 10 native Australian trees, offsetting the carbon used in production, and helping to restore biodiversity and reforest Australia.

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Need something Looonger?

The Looong Shelf

At 120cm, it’s twice as long as the Little Shelf. Perfect for multiple monitor setups.

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