Good packaging?

This is not it. In a world being consumed by single-use plastic, how can we as consumers help solve this problem?

How to enact positive change:

Praise the good. Call-out the bad. Vote with your wallet.

Praise the good 🙌

If you see a company (of any size) making positive changes in the right direction, tell them that you’re proud of them, and tell other people about their efforts.

Call-out the bad ☎️

Similarly, if you see a company not trying hard enough, or at all, politely let them know. Ask them why they use the materials they do.

💡 Change is created faster through questions rather than answers.

Vote with your wallet 💳

When you have the choice, support the brands and companies that are doing the right thing. Your purchase will help them to continue their good efforts, and takes funding away from companies that aren’t.

What does our packaging look like?

100% Recyclable Cardboard. 0% Plastic

Our packaging is made in Australia from a mix of recycled consumer waste, and virgin material.
We don’t use any plastic in our packaging (or our products), which means it can all be recycled.

1. Cardboard Carton

Our corrugated cardboard supplier is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council and uses a mix of recycled consumer waste and virgin material.

2. Cardboard Spacers

Inside the box we have some honeycomb-core cardboard spacers which hold the parts in place during transport so your desk arrives safely.

3. Paper Packaging Tape

We use kraft paper tape and recycling compatible adhesive (RCA) which means the tape is recyclable and compostable after use!

4. RCA Shipping Label

Our shipping labels are also recyclable and compostable and use the same RCA as our packaging tape. The release liners that hold the labels are also recyclable, compared with traditional silicone coated liners.

Reused when possible.

On orders where we do the delivery (just Melbourne for now), we’ll take the packaging away if you don’t need it and re-use it on another order!

Please note: this service will resume post COVID

Ideas for improvement?

If you can see any ways we can further reduce the impact of our packaging, we’d love to hear from you! Just let us know below. Thanks!

The desk that does no harm

You’re about to replant 10 native trees – good job!

Size (cm): W 164 x D 80 x H 75