A place where we share some beautiful nature snaps, and some behind-the-scenes pictures with you. #no-ads #no-filters

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Adding the 45° edge profile to the Big Desk worktop
A nice slow-mo clip showing how we add the 45° edge profile to the Big Desk worktop using the CNC machine. #cnc #behindthescenes
A runner facing away from the camera in a beautiful forest trail in the Dandenong Ranges
After a nice steep incline on a gorgeous forest trail in the Dandenong Ranges, it was time to gulp in the deliciously fresh crisp mountain air. #forestbathing #trailrunning
Beautiful native trees reach straight for the sky towering through a rainforest floor on the Black Spur Drive near Fernshaw Victoria
When your Mum comes to visit, it's time for a day trip to the breathtaking Black Spur Drive near Fernshaw Victoria. The scale of these trees and the richness of the rainforest is hard to capture. Definitely worth the drive! #blackspurdrive
Dappled golden afternoon sunlight shining through smokey green round leaves of a small redbox gumtree found in Northcote
I love to see native Australian trees and plants in our homes and gardens like this beautiful young Australian red box (Eucalyptus Polyanthemos) gumtree found in Northcote. #northcote #redbox
A honey bee grabs some lunch on a vibrant coral coloured Red Flowering Gum tree in suburban Coburg, Victoria
A honey bee grabs a bite for lunch on a vibrant coral coloured Red Flowering Gum tree (Corymbia Ficifolia) in suburban Coburg. #urbannature #coburg
Beautiful orange fungus growing on tree bark
Running through the beautiful forest in the Macedon Ranges (VIC) and I was stopped in my tracks by the orange fungus growing on this tree. It was so vibrant it looked almost fake. Nice one nature.
A man in a rust-coloured long sleeve top and black shorts standing in a rock gorge formation with a blue sky and vista in the background at Hanging Rock,
Marvelling at the unique rugged beauty of the rock formations at Hanging Rock, near Newham in the Macedon Ranges. #hangingrock
A park bench in the shade of reaching gum trees on the banks of the Owens River in Wangaratta, Victoria
Bunkered down in Wangaratta for a couple of months and I stumbled across this amazing spot by the Owens river to just sit and be present. Listening to the water moving by and the symphony of birdsong. #wangaratta
Two feet wearing black Vibram VTrail shoes on a vibrant green lush undergrowth of grasses and moss.
So soft and spongy you could go barefoot! The ground on this track in the Warby-Ovens national park near Wangaratta is so wonderfully soft and springy. #wangaratta