With your help, we’re putting an end to disposable furniture.

Each week, somewhere across Australia, it’s council pickup time.

That magical time of year where the rubbish piles high, spilling over the footpath and onto the street. The mountains of old TV’s, mattresses and broken heaters are overshadowed (literally) by poorly made desks, tv cabinets, and bookshelves, constructed with non-recyclable, often toxic materials. Then one day… POOF – it all disappears – magic!

On the other side of this magic are landfills – cubic kilometres of once beautiful land now – and for thousands of years to come – turned into hazardous wastelands, poisoning the local environment and leeching toxic chemicals into the groundwater, creeks and rivers.

The average Australian produces over 540kg of household waste annually. That’s about the weight of a Toyota Yaris, every two years. Of this 540kg, only 37% is recycled (2017).

Cheap disposable furniture is a significant contributor to this waste and the issue isn’t only the space it takes up in landfill, nor the materials and resources it uses, but the amount of carbon released in the mining and production of the plastic, metals and adhesives that make up the unsustainable made, poor quality furniture so commonly sold today.

It doesn't need to be this way…
Our Model

Sustainable, Australian-grown furniture, designed & built to last.

Responsibly sourced

Our Hoop Pine timber is a native Australian species, sustainable grown in plantations throughout north NSW and south QLD. It’s fast growing and carefully managed to ensure supply for decades to come. Our supplier holds Chain of Custody under the Responsible Wood, PEFC and FSC® forest certification schemes.


Our beautiful timber is sustainably grown in South East QLD, turned into timber in Brissy, and lovingly turned into furniture in Melbourne. 100% of the value chain stays in Australia and drastically minimises transport-related carbon emissions.

Did you know: Birch timber isn’t grown in Australia. Instead its grown in Northern Asia, America and Europe and sent to China for processing and manufacturing.

Design to last

We all move around a lot these days and our furniture should be designed with this in mind. Our unique furniture designs allow for a tool-free assembly which means no screws, brackets, or little tools you'll inevitably lose. Our desks and accessories can be rapidly assembled (and dissassembled) in minutes, and will stay rock solid even after you've moved house for the 50th time.

Built to last

We don't cut corners when it comes to materials or manufacturing. All our furniture uses extra-thick top quality timber which not only looks great, but will support whatever your life throws at it. 

Our History

Ecosium was founded in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic here in Australia.

The increased public awareness for the importance of personal and planetary health was well and truly in the zeitgeist, however this wasn’t the driving factor to create sustainable flat-pack furniture, that idea had originated much earlier…

Over a decade earlier in 2009, our founder Luke Hopkins came up with the idea of making a table which utilised almost 100% of the material in a standard sheet of plywood (240cm x 120cm if you were wondering), which locked together without any screws, brackets, or glue, and most importantly, could be taken apart and reassembled countless times without becoming wobbly, being thrown out and ending up in landfill like so many of the disposable products on the market today.

For reasons lost to the mystery of time, the idea was filed away until late in 2019 when, facing the dilemma of which adventure to go on next, the idea suddenly came back.

Having recently exited the last business he’d co-founded, Luke finally had the opportunity to pursue this idea and after twelve months of sweat and sawdust… Ecosium was born.

Ecosium founder Luke Hopkins working on a desk prototype in a rural farmshed during COVID
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